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Sampler Tips

Sampler Tips

Having the correct tip on your sampler will make it easier to use.

Standard Tip - suitable for most situations. The standard tip has a 60° point

Round Tip - ideal when you need to ensure that the sampler will not harm the surrounding equipment. For example - when sampling close to a mesh screen

Pointed Tip - ideal for use with hard or dense products, the tips have a 25° point


Left to Right: TIP-25A, TIP-25R, TIP-25P

Left to Right: TIP-25A, TIP-25R, TIP-40A, TIP-40R

Part No. Tip Style To Suit Sampler Diameter Material
TIP-25A Standard 25mm 316ss
TIP-25R Round 25mm 316ss
TIP-25P Pointed 25mm 316ss
TIP-40A Standard 40mm 316ss
TIP-40R Round 40mm 316ss
TIP-40P Pointed 40mm 316ss