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NEW - 5ml Sample Cell Added to The Range
Our world beating AccuPod unit dose sampler has now been upgraded with the availability of a 5ml cell. The AccuPod has been designed to minimise sampling error by its unique sampling cell design. As with the rest of the range the cells are manufactured in cleanroom and are individually bagged. For more info click here or contact us.   ..
On Show In Italy
Sampling Systems were pleased to be on show at the  Cibustec exhibition in Parma Italy. On show on the Exonder booth was a range of our exciting sterile samplers, reusable samplers, sterile laboratory equipment, containers and general accessories. Visitors could also see our FreeGlide in line powder sampler operating. We would like to thank all the existing customers and new visitors who came to the booth. ..
NEW - 250ml Beaker Made from 316L Stainless
We are pleased to announce that due to popular demand and a large order from North America we have added a 250ml beaker to our range. This new size compliments our range of sizes from 500ml to 3 litres. The beaker range is made as standard from 316L stainless steel and is finished to a mirror polish (Ra < 0.5). All the welds are ground and polished which means cleaning is very simple. As standard they come with a certificate of conformity that confirms material, finish, BSE/TSE free. For more info click here.   ..
On Show In New York
Sampling Supplies USA are pleased to be exhibiting our range of equipment at the Chemshow in New York. On show is our comprehensive range of manual sampling, in line sampling and sterile sampling equipment. If you are passing the Javitts Convention centre please come and say hello. Sampling Systems exhibit at trade shows all over the world. Please contact us for more info.   ..
Going Pink for Charity!!
The staff at Sampling Systems were pleased to participate in "Wesr it Pink". Staff wore pink, the offices were decorated and local friends and companies were invited to visit to buy cakes, drinks, biscuits and make donations. A great, rewarding busy day was had by all. All money raised was donated  to wearitpink.org.  which raises money for breast cancer. ..
NEW - 250ml Utility Dipper for Liquid Sampling
Sampling Systems are pleased to announce that our new large 250ml Utility Dipper. This sampler is ideal for liquid sampling from tanks, kegs and containers. Other existing sizes in the range are 50ml and 100ml. It has a robust 316L stainless steel design and is designed to be very easy to operate and clean. For more info click here.   ..
All the Latest on Show in Sao Paulo Brazil
Sampling Systems have just had a successful show at Analitica Brazil. We would like to thank all the customers and visitors to the CMS booth in Sao Paulo, Brazil last week. There was a large amount of interest in our new items as well as our range of disposable single use samplers and lab ware. Also on show was the traditional re usable samplers and stainless steel equipment. Sampling Systems exhibit at trade shows all over the world. Please contact us to see if we are near you in the coming months.... ..
NEW - Engineering Apprentice Starts
We are pleased to welcome Brad to our engineering and design team on a 3 year apprenticeship. His apprenticheship will include both on the job training and training at the local engineering college. For more info about opportunities and joining our exciting team please contact us info@sampling.com.   ..
NEW - Range of Immersion Cylinder Samplers
Good news. Sampling Systems have just introduced a brand new range of immersion cylinders samplers. These liquid samplers are available in stainless steel or brass. The 3 standard sizes 300ml, 500ml and 1000ml are all available from stock. Operation and use is very simple. Simply attach a line and lower. This sampler is suited for sampling tanks and large vessels aswell as seawater, wells and rivers. They are ideal for food, chemical and environmental sampling. For more info click here. ..
NEW - Aluminium Zone Sampler
Our new aluminium zone sampler is ideal when you require a lighweight, low cost powder sampler. This sampling equipment is available in range of convenient sizes from 600mm up to 2500mm. The double tube design means the pockets remain closed until the sampler is opened. This means it is ideal for multilevel powder and granule sampling. After use the sample can be emptied through the handle. The sampler is available from stock. For more info click here ..
NEW - Hand Held Paddle
Due to popular demand we are please to announce the launch of our hand held paddle. The handy size means that paddling is nice and easy. The ergonomic handle ensures that the paddle is easy to hold and use. The material of construction is food and FDA grade PP. For more info please click here. ..
New improved Utility Dipper
We have just improved our range of Utility Dippers. Utility Dippers have always been a very popular device for sampling liquids from drums, kegs and vats. The new Utility Dippers have an all 316L stainless steel construction and an improved finish. They are also more robust For more info click here. ..
NEW - Improved Sack Sampler
Our new improved Sack Sampler is now available from stock. The new SteriWare Sack Sampler has been engineered for improved performance. The ultra smooth finish ensures  improved results. The speially design tip and shaft allow better sampling. The range is available in 2 diameters as standard from stock. Fully manufactured and packed in cleanroom conditions. For more info click here. ..
We Are Recruiting
Sampling Systems have an exciting opportunity for a Sales and Business Development Manager. This exciting opportunity will involve bringing to market new products, finding new distributors and moving the company forward with its ambitious growth plans. For more info please click here. ..
NEW range of 316L Stainless Steeel Jugs
Sampling Systems have recently introduced a new range of straight sided jugs made from 316L stainless steel. These high-quality jugs have a hygienic crevice free interior and they are highly polished. 316L Stainless Steel Jugs are available in a range of sizes. All the jugs in the range have graduation marks, a pouring lip and a filly welded side handle. For more information click here ..
SPECIAL Jacketed Container
Sampling Systems were pleased to supply a customised a container with a jacket for a pharmaceutical company. The jacket was designed with hose tails so either hot or cold water could be passed through to keep the material warm or cold. As usual the container was made to GMP standards, with 316L stainless steel contact parts. all the welds were ground and polished and the stainless steel finished to a clinical mirror polish. Please contact us with your requirements. ..
NEW-Tank Sampling Device With our Pump Sampler and Plastic Bottles
Our new tank sampling device can be used used with kegs, drums, totes etc.... The pump comes in 2 handy sets with either 150ml or 250ml bottles. Each set includes 10m tube, hose cutter, the pump and a case for safe storage. It is typically used for sampling viscous materials like oils, water etc.... The pump works up to 4m deep with materials like water. Special adapters can be made to fit your bottles. For more info click here. ..
NEW  Liquid Sampler - The  PeriPump
The new liquid sampler from Sampling is Systems is our hand operated PeriPump. The peristaltic pump is a quick way of taking liquid and water samples up to 8m deep. Features of the sampler include the high powered drive unit and the fact that only the tube becomes contaminated. It is sold as a handy set which includes the drive unit, 10m tube, hose weight, 2 spare batteries all in a sturdy case. For more info click here. ..
NEW Pump Sampler - The Ideal Sampling Tool For Liquids with Glass Bottles
The new pump sampler set is ideal for liquid sampling up to 4m deep. It comes with everything you need to start sampling. The case includes the pump, 10m of tube, glass bottles and a hose cutter. The glass bottles offer excellent chemical resistance. For more info please click here. ..
NEW - Range of Volumetric Scoops
Sampling Systems are pleased to announce our new range of volumetric sterile scoops. These high quality disposable scoops are all manufactured and packed in a class 7 cleanroom and are available sterile. They come with our usual class leading documentation. The scoops are ideal for production, laboratory and sampling work. Iniitially 500ml and 1000ml sizes are available from stock. Other sizes will be following in the next few months. Available both sterile and non sterile. For more info click here.   ..
NEW - 25ml and 50ml Scoops with very Long Handle
Our popular range of long handled disposable scoops has been extended with the introduction of handy 25ml and 50ml scoops. They are all manufactured and packed in a cleanroom to ensure cleanliness. The long handles mean the operators stay a long way away from the powder, easy to reach into difficult places and they easily stand out if left in the powder. For more info click here. ..
NEW - 300mm AccuPod Sampler
The AccuPod sample thief is now available in a short 300mm version. This is ideal for small laboratory and small scale production work. The AccuPod has revolutionised unit dose powder sampling with our simple to use pod system. The AccuPod reduces sampling error and makes handling the sample effortless. The samples stays in the AccuPod until you need to analyse it. For more info click here. ..
NEW - Multilevel Tablet and Capsule Sampler
This new sampler is ideal for taking multilevel tablet and capsule samples. Each cup takes a 20ml sample and the sampler takes a total of 3 samples. The stainless steel construction means it can be easily cleaned. Specials are available on request. For mor einfo click here ..
NEW -  Large Powder Funnel
Our new large diameter powder funnel is available in both reusable and disposable parts. The top diameter is a wide 350mm and it has a 50mm diameter spout to aid easy discharge. Eventhough the funnel is designed primarily for powders it can be used for liquids and pastes. It is dieal for use in food, chemical and pharmaceutical. The funnel is made from food grade and FDA compliant PP. For more info click here. ..
Welcome Back!
After deciding to take a year off to see the world we welcome back Matt to our warehouse team. Matts career break included various jobs, various life changing experiences and bungee jumping 134m off a cliff in New Zealand. ..
NEW - 1000ml Industrial Scoop
Sampling Systems are pleased to announce the introduction of our new 1000ml (35oz) scoop to our industrial scoop range. Like the rest of this range it is manufactured from stainless steel and finished to a mirror polish. It is ideal for general purpose manufacture and is a good alternative to our PharmaScoops when price is critical. For more info click here. ..
NEW Metal Detectable Range
After many requests from customers Sampling Systems are excited to introduce the new Metal Detectable range of products. All products in this new extensive range are detectable by X-Ray & Metal Detectors. This new range includes: Scoops & Spatulas Spoons Knives & Pallet Knives Scrapers Jugs & Beakers Ladles Liquid & Powder Funnels Just like our existing SteriWare® range every item in the Metal Detectable Range is manufactured & packed in our Cleanroom to ensure product purity and quality. Additionally you can download specification sheets and cert..
NEW Range of GMP Scoops
Sampling Systems are pleased to announce our new range of GMP Scoops. The new GMP Scoops are suitable for the most demanding of applications. The fully radiused body allows for easy cleaning and minimises dust & particle buildup when in use. Much like the current PharmaScoop® range these scoops are manufactured from heavy gauge 316L Stainless Steel and have a high quality finish. GMP Scoops are fully welded with no crevices to allow for efficient and thorough cleaning. The handle is fully welded with a patch plate to give extra stength. GMP Scoops are available in a wide range of sizes ..
NEW - Range of Industrial Funnels with Straight Spouts
Our new range of economic 304 stainless steel funnels come in a wide range of sizes from 60mm diameter up to 180mm diameter. They are all finished to a high quality polish and available with a straight spout. The range is now available from stock for delivery worldwide. For more info click here. ..
NEW - 1.5m Disposable Powder Thief
Due to customer requests Sampling Systems are pleased to introduce the new extra long powder thief. The 1.5m length is ideal for sampling powder blends and large totes. The lighweight design and the fact that you can simply unwrap and use the sampler make it ideal for pharmaceutical sampling. Single use sampling tools are ideal as they overcome cleaning costs, cleaning validation costs, eliminates cross contamination issues and improves process efficiency. For more info please contact us or click here.   ..
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