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SPECIAL Jacketed Container
Sampling Systems were pleased to supply a customised a container with a jacket for a pharmaceutical company. The jacket was designed with hose tails so either hot or cold water could be passed through to keep the material warm or cold. As usual the container was made to GMP standards, with 316L stainless steel contact parts. all the welds were ground and polished and the stainless steel finished to a clinical mirror polish. Please contact us with your requirements. ..
NEW-Tank Sampling Device With our Pump Sampler and Plastic Bottles
Our new tank sampling device can be used used with kegs, drums, totes etc.... The pump comes in 2 handy sets with either 150ml or 250ml bottles. Each set includes 10m tube, hose cutter, the pump and a case for safe storage. It is typically used for sampling viscous materials like oils, water etc.... The pump works up to 4m deep with materials like water. Special adapters can be made to fit your bottles. For more info click here. ..
NEW  Liquid Sampler - The  PeriPump
The new liquid sampler from Sampling is Systems is our hand operated PeriPump. The peristaltic pump is a quick way of taking liquid and water samples up to 8m deep. Features of the sampler include the high powered drive unit and the fact that only the tube becomes contaminated. It is sold as a handy set which includes the drive unit, 10m tube, hose weight, 2 spare batteries all in a sturdy case. For more info click here. ..
NEW Pump Sampler - The Ideal Sampling Tool For Liquids with Glass Bottles
The new pump sampler set is ideal for liquid sampling up to 4m deep. It comes with everything you need to start sampling. The case includes the pump, 10m of tube, glass bottles and a hose cutter. The glass bottles offer excellent chemical resistance. For more info please click here. ..
NEW - Range of Volumetric Scoops
Sampling Systems are pleased to announce our new range of volumetric sterile scoops. These high quality disposable scoops are all manufactured and packed in a class 7 cleanroom and are available sterile. They come with our usual class leading documentation. The scoops are ideal for production, laboratory and sampling work. Iniitially 500ml and 1000ml sizes are available from stock. Other sizes will be following in the next few months. Available both sterile and non sterile. For more info click here.   ..
NEW - 25ml and 50ml Scoops with very Long Handle
Our popular range of long handled disposable scoops has been extended with the introduction of handy 25ml and 50ml scoops. They are all manufactured and packed in a cleanroom to ensure cleanliness. The long handles mean the operators stay a long way away from the powder, easy to reach into difficult places and they easily stand out if left in the powder. For more info click here. ..
NEW - 300mm AccuPod Sampler
The AccuPod sample thief is now available in a short 300mm version. This is ideal for small laboratory and small scale production work. The AccuPod has revolutionised unit dose powder sampling with our simple to use pod system. The AccuPod reduces sampling error and makes handling the sample effortless. The samples stays in the AccuPod until you need to analyse it. For more info click here. ..
NEW - Multilevel Tablet and Capsule Sampler
This new sampler is ideal for taking multilevel tablet and capsule samples. Each cup takes a 20ml sample and the sampler takes a total of 3 samples. The stainless steel construction means it can be easily cleaned. Specials are available on request. For mor einfo click here ..
NEW -  Large Powder Funnel
Our new large diameter powder funnel is available in both reusable and disposable parts. The top diameter is a wide 350mm and it has a 50mm diameter spout to aid easy discharge. Eventhough the funnel is designed primarily for powders it can be used for liquids and pastes. It is dieal for use in food, chemical and pharmaceutical. The funnel is made from food grade and FDA compliant PP. For more info click here. ..
Welcome Back!
After deciding to take a year off to see the world we welcome back Matt to our warehouse team. Matts career break included various jobs, various life changing experiences and bungee jumping 134m off a cliff in New Zealand. ..
NEW - 1000ml Industrial Scoop
Sampling Systems are pleased to announce the introduction of our new 1000ml (35oz) scoop to our industrial scoop range. Like the rest of this range it is manufactured from stainless steel and finished to a mirror polish. It is ideal for general purpose manufacture and is a good alternative to our PharmaScoops when price is critical. For more info click here. ..
NEW Metal Detectable Range
After many requests from customers Sampling Systems are excited to introduce the new Metal Detectable range of products. All products in this new extensive range are detectable by X-Ray & Metal Detectors. This new range includes: Scoops & Spatulas Spoons Knives & Pallet Knives Scrapers Jugs & Beakers Ladles Liquid & Powder Funnels Just like our existing SteriWare® range every item in the Metal Detectable Range is manufactured & packed in our Cleanroom to ensure product purity and quality. Additionally you can download specification sheets and cert..
NEW Range of GMP Scoops
Sampling Systems are pleased to announce our new range of GMP Scoops. The new GMP Scoops are suitable for the most demanding of applications. The fully radiused body allows for easy cleaning and minimises dust & particle buildup when in use. Much like the current PharmaScoop® range these scoops are manufactured from heavy gauge 316L Stainless Steel and have a high quality finish. GMP Scoops are fully welded with no crevices to allow for efficient and thorough cleaning. The handle is fully welded with a patch plate to give extra stength. GMP Scoops are available in a wide range of sizes ..
NEW - Range of Industrial Funnels with Straight Spouts
Our new range of economic 304 stainless steel funnels come in a wide range of sizes from 60mm diameter up to 180mm diameter. They are all finished to a high quality polish and available with a straight spout. The range is now available from stock for delivery worldwide. For more info click here. ..
NEW - 1.5m Disposable Powder Thief
Due to customer requests Sampling Systems are pleased to introduce the new extra long powder thief. The 1.5m length is ideal for sampling powder blends and large totes. The lighweight design and the fact that you can simply unwrap and use the sampler make it ideal for pharmaceutical sampling. Single use sampling tools are ideal as they overcome cleaning costs, cleaning validation costs, eliminates cross contamination issues and improves process efficiency. For more info please contact us or click here.   ..
NEW - Range of Deep Trays Made from 316L Stainless steel
Due to popular demand Sampling Systems has introduced a range of high quality trays made from 316L stainless steel. The trays are available in a variety of sizes. They are all finished to a high quality and come complete with a sturdty rim to make handling easier. For more info click here. ..
NEW SteriWare Flat Spatula and Stirrer
Our new single use flat spatula gives extreme control when manipulating samples and general laboratory work. The sturdy handle and flat end also make it ideal when used as a manual stirrer. They are available both sterile and non sterile.with our usual high quality documentation package. For more info please click here.   ..
NEW - Grain Spear with Spiral Slots
Our new aluminium grain sampler (sometimes known as a cereal trier) is ideal for sampling everything from wheat to a wide range of powders. The lightweight design means it is easy to use. The 35mm diameter means it takes a large sample. Available in various length from stock from 1m to 3m. The spiral pocket positions means it takes a sample starting at the bottom and working the way up the sampler.. We have the largest range of sampling tools in the market. We can customise many tools. If you can not see what you want please contact us. For more info click here.   ..
NEW - White GMP Tubs
Our new range of containers are ideal for holding powder, pastes etc... They are manufactured in a cleanroom to give an extra clean product. They are made from food grade, FDA and European compliant PP. They are available with batch certification. Currently available in 250 and 500ml sizes. Contact us for a free sample.  ..
Exhibition - Making Pharma
Sampling Systems had a successful exhibition at the Ricoh arena in Coventry. UK. On show we had our range of samplers, single use equipment and ancillary equipment. We would like to thank all the people who visited our booth and made the exhibition interesting. Sampling Systems do trade shows all over the world. Please contact us to see if we are exhibiting near you. Alternatively you are welcome to visit our HQ where we have a meeting room and full training facilities.   ..
NEW Extra Long Stainless Dippers
Due to customer demand we have now added 1500mm long dippers to the range. Finished to a high quality and manufactured from chemically resistent 316L stainless steel. They are available in 3 standard volumes 100ml, 250ml and 500ml. They are now available in 3 lengths 600mm, 1000mm and 1500mm. All are available from stock. For more info click here. ..
NEW Red Long Handled Scoop
The bright red handle and the long handle means our new scoop will definitely be seen if left in the powder. Ideal for general production work and powder sampling. It is available in both sterile and non sterile versions. Manufactured in a cleanroom, individually bagged and supplied with a full quality documentation package. This new addition confirms Sampling Systems is the worlds leading supplier of Sampling and single use equipment. For more info click here. ..
NEW Quality Manager
With over 15 years quality experience Sampling Systems are pleased to welcome Kuldeep Flora to our fast growing team. With huge amounts of previous hands on experience as a manufacturing and process engineer Kuldeep brings a wealth of practical experience and knowledge. ..
NEW SteriWare V-Spatulas
Our range of individually bagged V spatulas are now available in narrow and wide widths and 3 different blade lengths (100mm, 150mm and 250mm long).This ensures that you have the right tool for sampling. All the spatulas are available with full batch traceability and quality documentation package.  The sterile spatulas conform to FDA and latest european guidelines. They are now available for delivery worldwide. For more info click here. ..
NEW SteriWare Graduated Jugs from Sampling Systems.
Our range of class leading jugs are pre-sterilized so cleaning becomes a thing of the past. The range has been extended with the addition of a new size. The complete range is cleanroom produced and avaiulable for fast delivery worldwide. The jugs are graduated so they can be also used as measuring beakers aswell. For more info click here. ..
NEW Long Handled Disposable Spoon
Sampling Systems were asked by a large multinational pharmaceutical company to develop a range of spoons with very long handles. The range is available with either a 10ml or 20ml spoon. Special sizes are available on request. The sterile spoons had to be all individually bagged and available with full European and FDA compliant documentation. Click here for more info. ..
NEW Long Handled Single use Scoops
Our new range of  scoops with very long handles are now available from stock. The long ergonomic handle means working at a distance is much easier. The scoops can be easily spotted if left in the powder. Manufactured and packed in cleanroom conditions so they can be used straight from the bag. .  Available with our full documentation package. Click here for more info. ..
NEW Capsule Counting Trays
Sampling Systems are pleased to announce our new range of disposable and reusable capsule counting trays. Developed with one of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies they are available as a reusable or single use product. Manufactured in clean conditions (Class 100,000) cleanroom and individually bagged so they can be used straight from the bag.  For more info click here. ..
NEW Tablet Counting Triangle
Sampling Systems have introduced a range of disposable and reusable tablet counting triangles. The triangles are made in a cleanroom and are individually bagged. They can be used straight from the bag. They are manufactured from food grade, EC and FDA compliant materials. For more info click here. ..
YouTube channel UPDATE
The Sampling Systems YouTube channel has been updated with a new look and new channels. Our latest promotionl and instruction videos can all be seen here. ..
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