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Free Training From Sampling Systems

Free Training From Sampling Systems

Our highly popular Webinar training is back for another season!.  These free webinars generally last about 30 minutes and are followed by a question-and-answer section.

Everything from GMP sampling to choosing the correct device is covered. Some customers find choosing individual modules useful whilst some like to participate in the complete range.

Module 1 - Intro To Sampling

A popular general introduction to Sampling, various sampling techniques, equipment available and key sampling terminology are covered.

Module 2 - Intro To SteriWare

A great introduction to how to choose the correct Sterile equipment. Everything from what documentation to how to open the samplers is covered.

Module 3 - Intro to Liquid Sampling

Everything from disposable sampling to choosing a reusable sampler is covered. The webinar has demonstrations of some of the popular samplers.

Module 4 - Intro to Powder Sampling

Similar to the liquid sampling seminar with a focus on powder sampling. Again a range of products are chosen with key highlights discussed so you choose the correct device and carry out efficient sampling

Module 5 – Intro to Metal Detectable

Metal detectable equipment is becoming increasingly popular. Not all equipment is the same in terms of material its manufactured from and documentation.

Module 6 – FreeGlide In line Sampler

A focus on different in line samplers with an insight into why most companies choose the FreeGlide Sampler

Dates Available 2023
Introduction to the Process of Sampling
10th Jan 09:30 GMT   
16:00 GMT   


Introduction to the SteriWare Range
11th Jan 09:30 GMT   
16:00 GMT   


Introduction to Liquid Sampling
12th Jan 09:30 GMT   
16:00 GMT   


Introduction to Powder Sampling
17th Jan 09:30 GMT   
16:00 GMT   


Introduction to Metal Detectable
18th Jan 09:30 GMT   
16:00 GMT  


The FreeGlide In-line Sampler
19th Jan 09:30 GMT 
16:00 GMT  


To register for any or all of the events please contact paul.clinton@sampling.com

We can also offer bespoke webinars on certain products or areas. If you have anything you want training om please contact us.

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