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Bursting onto the scene in 1991 with its founder Mike Fenner, Sampling Systems sent shock waves through the pharmaceutical industry by offering high quality sampling tools that were built to cGMP standards and guaranteed to work. Mike was soon joined by his two sons Jonathan and Simon who took over the day to day running of the company whilst their father concentrated on his other business Pharmatech Ltd.


The family run company based in Coleshill UK has grown from a small office to a multi-million-pound business delivering equipment to customers all around the world. This success is due to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovate, develop and produce products that continually meet the needs of its customers and markets. This commitment and drive have seen the company achieve many important milestones, the most significant of which saw the groundbreaking introduction of cleanroom manufactured sterile disposable samplers in 2002 into the pharmaceutical industry.


With two warehouses, in-house engineering for special custom designs and a multilingual commercial team, Sampling Systems has continued to invest in its staff, business and stockholding. Our stock of over one million products and the ability to deliver anywhere worldwide within as little as three days mean we can react quickly to the needs of our customers. We are extremely proud of our loyal network of global agents and resellers and with over a hundred companies selling our range all over the world, it is highly likely you will find a local reseller.

Over the past 30 years, the founding ethos of Sampling Systems has never changed – innovation, customer service and fast delivery. As such, the Directors have proudly been able to maintain the company’s position as the world’s largest supplier of quality sampling tools and accessories.