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Why Use a Disposable SteriWare® Product?

SteriWare is the brand name for a range of single use samplers and laboratory ware from Sampling Systems. SteriWare products are ideal for hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries


All SteriWare® devices can be used straight from the bag and are designed for single-use. This prevents cross-contamination from previous samples or cleaning agents and ensures that extraneous substances do not interfere with sampling and testing.


Unlike reusable devices, disposable SteriWare® devices do not need to be cleaned. Cleaning reusable devices can be costly and complicated, especially when handling oily, strongly adhesive or toxic substances. Save cleaning costs and valuable time by using disposable devices in your laboratory or workspace.


Injection Moulding takes place in a Class 100,000 Cleanroom, but Extrusion, Assembly and Packing takes place in a Class 10,000 Cleanroom. All manufacturing takes place in the United Kingdom.  Every product is checked prior to packing to uphold the highest levels of quality and integrity that Sampling Systems pride ourselves on.

More information on our methods of manufacturing can be seen in our Certificates of Conformity and Technical Specification Sheets.


Full batch specific documentation are provided across the entire SteriWare® product range. Batch numbers are printed on every bag and box as standard, and Certificates of Conformity and Certificates of Irradiation can be downloaded where applicable.


Sampling Systems have led the industry since becoming the first company to bring cleanroom-manufactured disposable samplers to market, and have offered the world’s largest range of single-use products ever since. We have an extensive range of samplers for fluid and viscous media, powders and granules. Single point, multiple layer or cross-sectional samples can be taken effortlessly by selecting the product variant you require.


Most SteriWare® products are available pre-sterilized (SAL10-6). Please see the product Specification Sheet for more information.