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Point Sampler

Point Sampler

Large Volume Sampling from a set point

The new Point Sampler from Sampling Systems is ideal for taking samples at a specified depth. Can be used for sampling both free flowing and sticky, cohesive powders.

  • Large 100ml sample size
  • 316 stainless steel
  • Suitable for use with free flowing and cohesive powders


Point Sampler

  1. Ensure the sampling window is closed and then push sampler into the product to the required sampling depth
  2. Rotate sampler through 360° - this will open the sampling window and push the surrounding product into the sample collecting chamber
  3. Rotate the sampler backwards through 360° to close the sampling window
  4. Withdraw the sampler

Part No Handle Length Sample Volume Material
1640A-1000 1000mm 100ml 316 stainless steel
1640A-2000 2000mm 100ml 316 stainless steel