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Point Sampler - Large Volume Powder Sampler

Point Sampler - Large Volume Powder Sampler

Introducing the Point Sampler – your ultimate solution for efficient sampling of powders and granules.

This versatile device is suitable for capturing a 100ml (4oz) single point sample from both free-flowing powders and sticky, cohesive powders, making it a go to choice for food, chemical, and pharmaceutical sampling.

Designed with easy cleaning in mind, all parts of the sampler can be effortlessly disassembled for thorough cleaning. The welds have been meticulously ground and polished, ensuring no hard-to-clean dead spaces.


Operating the Point Sampler is a breeze. Just push the sampler into the powder and give it a simple rotation. The scraper ingeniously guides the product into the sampler while rotating the device. When it's time to empty the sample, the tip can be easily removed, streamlining the process.

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QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST - Crafted from high-quality 316L stainless steel with a polished finish, the Point Sampler guarantees durability and reliability.

FLEXIBILITY IN OPTIONS - We understand that different applications may call for specific lengths. That's why we offer various lengths from stock and are happy to accommodate special length requests to meet your unique needs.

SWIFT DELIVERY ACROSS THE GLOBE - With over 1 million stock items, we take pride in our efficient delivery service. Expect your Point Sampler to be delivered to almost anywhere in the world within 1 - 2 days.

A GLOBAL NETWORK OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS – join our ever-growing community of over 20,000 satisfied customers worldwide who have placed their trust in our products.

  Specification Sheets   Certificate
1640A-1000 Point Sampler 1000mm - specification sheet 1640A Point Sampler Certificate of Conformity
1640A-1500 Point Sampler 1500mm - specification sheet    
1640A-2000 Point Sampler 2000mm - specification sheet    
Part No. Length mm Volume ml Material Stock Price Price+VAT Qty Compare Action
1640A-1000 1000 100 316L ss 4 £936.37 £1,123.64 Compare
1640A-1500 1500 100 316L ss 4 £949.44 £1,139.32 Compare
1640A-2000 2000 100 316L ss 1 £956.57 £1,147.88 Compare