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Ice Sampler
Ice Sampler Ice Sampler Ice Sampler

Ice Sampler

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The Ice Sampler is ideal for sampling hard materials such as frozen products and wax. The Ice Sampler is equipped with a sharp cutting edge to help it dig into the product and carve the ice into the sample cap. Rotating the sampler takes the sample.


Attach the end cap to the sampler. Push onto the ice and rotate hard. The rotation movement will cut the ice and push it into the cap. After sampling remove sampler and cap to empty.

The sampler is designed to be easily cleaned. It comes apart for quick cleaning.

  • QUALITY - manufactured from corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel with a polished finish

  • FAST DELIVERY - Over 1 million stock items. Delivered almost everywhere within 1 - 2 days.

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide
  Specification Sheets   Certificate
6000A-300 Ice Sampler 300mm 6000 Ice sampler Certificate of Conformity
6000A-550 Ice Sampler 550mm    
6000A-1050 Ice Sampler 1050mm    
Part No. Length mm Neck Diameter mm Volume ml Material
6000A-300 300 40 50 316L ss
6000A-550 550 40 50 316L ss
6000A-1050 1050 40 50 316L ss
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