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Mono Pocket Sampler

Mono Pocket Sampler

Single Point Zone Sampler

The new Mono Pocket sampler from Sampling Systems is an extension of our highly popular Pocket Sampler range. It is suitable for taking discrete, zone samples from free flowing powders and granules. The sampler is available in a range of sizes and designs. Its GMP design means it can be stripped and cleaned very quickly.

This powder sampler is quick and easy to use. Simply push into your powder and granules and twist the handle to take the sample. It is ideal for chemical, food and pharmaceutical sampling.

This popular all layer sampler is available from stock for immediate delivery worldwide. Features:

  • Single Point
  • All Stainless Steel or Stainless Steel construction
  • Free Flowing Powders

Part No. Length mm Diameter mm Volume ml Material No. of Sampling Points
1430S-600 600 25 20 316L ss 1
1430S-1000 1000 25 20 316L ss 1
1430S-1500 1500 25 20 316L ss 1