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Viscous Sampler
Viscous Sampler Viscous Sampler Viscous Sampler

Viscous Sampler

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The Viscous Sampler is ideal for sampling creams, shampoos, soaps, honey and other semi viscous materials. They are available in different lengths from 600mm to 2000mm

The FEP/PTFE version is ideal for strong acids and materials where chemical resistance is key. 316L Stainless Steel has great chemical resistance and uses a silicone seal. The PP version is ideal for general work and testing


The Viscous Sampler works like a large a syringe. The operator pulls up the handle in order to suck the product into the sampler. After sampling it can be completely dismantled for quick and thorough cleaning.

  • QUALITY - Each sampler is made from high-quality virgin materials.

  • CHOICE - the large choice of sizes means we have the perfect sampler for you

  • FAST DELIVERY - This is a stock item and can be delivered almost anywhere in the world in 2 - 3 days. Most parts of Europe and the USA are 1 - 2 day lead time.

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide
  Specification Sheets   Certificate
7000S-600 Viscous Sampler - SS - 600mm 7000S Viscous Sampler SS Certificate of Conformity
7000S-1000 Viscous Sampler - SS - 1000mm 7000S Viscous Sampler PP Certificate of Conformity
7000S-1500 Viscous Sampler - SS - 1500mm 7000T Viscous Sampler PTFE Certificate of Conformity
7000P-600 Viscous Sampler - PP - 600mm    
7000P-1000 Viscous Sampler - PP - 1000mm    
7000P-2000 Viscous Sampler - PP - 2000mm    
7000T-600 Viscous Sampler - PTFE - 600mm    
7000T-1000 Viscous Sampler - PTFE - 1000mm    
7000T-2000 Viscous Sampler - PTFE - 2000mm    
Part No. Length mm Diameter mm Volume ml Material
7000S-600 600 25 160 316L ss
7000S-1000 1000 25 300 316L ss
7000S-1500 1500 25 450 316L ss
7000P-600 600 25 160 PP
7000P-1000 1000 25 300 PP
7000P-2000 2000 25 650 PP
7000T-600 600 25 160 PTFE
7000T-1000 1000 25 300 PTFE
7000T-2000 2000 25 650 PTFE
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