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TC Containers

TC Containers

TC Containers are high quality, heavy duty stainless steel containers. They are ideal for use in the pharmaceutical industry and other hygiene critical industries.

TC Containers have a wide opening to make them easy to clean between batches.

  • Multi purpose containers
  • 316 stainless steel
  • Crevice free interior
  • Lid secured with clamp band
  • Wide 4” (100mm) diameter tri-clamp lid
  • Satin finish
  • Supplied with silicone gasket (FDA acceptable)


clamp containers

Part No. Nominal Volume

Max. Body Diameter
(excluding handles)

A566-01 1 litre 133 mm 109 mm
A566-02 2 litres 130 mm 185 mm
A566-05 5 litres 180 mm 262 mm
A566-10 10 litres 210 mm 366 mm
A566-20 20 litres 303 mm 463 mm
A566-25 25 litres 303 mm 535 mm