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Liquid Sampler - Sub Sampler Pro

Liquid Sampler - Sub Sampler Pro

Liquid sampler for wide range of chemicals and environmental use. It can sample from depth various liquids. This includes large tanks, vessels, wells and environmental sampling.

The liquid samplers have a robust design and are made so they can be easily cleaned.

In some countries the sub sampler is know as a bacon bomb sampler.


  • Base Sampling - Insert the sampler to the bottom of the container. This will open the valve at the bottom to take the sample

  • Mid Sampling - This is very simple. Attach to wires. At the required depth pull up on the secondary wire to open the sampler and take the sample.

The Sampling Systems Difference...

QUALITY - Made from high quality 316L Stainless Steel, Ultra Pure PTFE or nickel plated brass

FLEXIBILITY - A range of different sizes are available to suit any application

FAST DELIVERY - Over 1 million stock items. Delivered almost everywhere within 1 - 2 days

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide

  Specification Sheets   Certificate
5072A-500 Sub Sampler Pro  - Nickel  Plated Brass -  500ml 5072A Sub Sampler Pro - Ni/Brass - Certificate of Conformity
5072B-500 Sub Sampler Pro  - 316L stainless steel - 500ml
 5072B Sub Sampler Pro - 316L ss - Certificate of Conformity
5072P-500 Sub Sampler Pro - PTFE - 500ml
 5072P Sub Sampler Pro - PTFE - Certificate of Conformity
Part No. Length mm Diameter mm Volume ml Material Stock Price Price+VAT Qty Compare Action
5072A-500 430 57 500 Nickel Plated Brass 3 £501.35 £601.62 Compare
5072B-500 280 63 500 316Lss 8 £244.55 £293.46 Compare
5072P-500 395 70 500 PTFE 8 £959.99 £1,151.99 Compare