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The only In-Line Powder Sampler guaranteed not to jam


The FreeGlide is a patented in-line sampler that can take samples of powders as they fall under gravity down a pipe.

  • Ideal for pharmaceutical and food applications
  • The sample is collected in a cup and so is not physically altered by the sampling process
  • The full bore of the pipe is available for powder flow in between taking samples

The FreeGlide has many features that make it ideal for use in hygienic GMP correct manufacturing areas.

The powder is kept out of the bearings by use of a special flexible membrane - this means the sampler will not get stuck during use.

The product contact parts are made from FDA acceptable materials

The FreeGlide is easy to strip down for cleaning between batches

FreeGlide® samplers are available to suit different pipe diameters and can be either manually or pneumatically operated.

The FreeGlide® is the smart way to take samples from free-falling powders in downpipes

Click here to download the FreeGlide brochure Download the FreeGlide brochure
FreeGlide is a registered trade mark belonging to Sampling Systems Ltd.


Download Planning In Drawings

Click on the model to down load a PDF planning in drawing. If you need the file in DWG or SolidWorks format please contact us.

Model Size Minimum Downpipe Diameter Manually Operated Pneumatic Operation
FreeGlide FG-1000 100mm (4") FG-1000M FG-1000A
FreeGlide FG-1500 150mm (6") FG-1500M FG-1500A
FreeGlide FG-2000 200mm (8") FG-2000M FG-2000A
FreeGlide FG-3000 230mm (9.5") FG-3000M FG-3000A


Resting -
When the FreeGlide® is not in use the full bore of the downpipe is available for powder flow.
Sampling -
The sampling cup is extended into the downpipe to catch the product as it falls.
Discharging -
The sampling cup is then retracted and inverted. The powder sample falls down the discharge chute to where it is collected

General information


A patented device for taking samples of powders and granules as they fall (under gravity alone) down a pipe or chute.

The FreeGlide can be installed in pipes larger than 100mm (4") in diameter

Contact parts: - 316 stainless steel
Silicone rubber, Viton or EPDM (FDA acceptable grades)
Non contact parts: - 304 grade stainless steel
Other materials as required.
Operation: - Manual or Pneumatic actuation
ATEX ExII 2GD T4 (extra cost option)
Max. Product Temperature 60°C (140°F)
Max. Pressure in Downpipe +/- 0.1 bar (1.4 psi)