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Straight Sided Jugs

Stainless Steel Straight Sided Jugs

  • Graduated straight sided jugs with side handles
  • Crevice free construction
  • 304 or 316L stainless steel construction
  • Satin finish (better than 0.5 microns Ra)


Part No Stainless Steel Volume Graduation Marks
A204-500 304 500ml Yes (every 100ml)
A204-1000 304 1000ml Yes (every 100ml)
A204-2000 304 2000ml Yes (every 100ml)
A206-500 316L Body & 304ss Handle 500ml Yes (every 100ml)
A206-1000 316L Body & 304ss Handle 1000ml Yes (every 100ml)
A206-2000 316L Body & 304ss Handle 2000ml Yes (every 100ml)