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Single Use Production and Sampling Scoop
Single Use Production and Sampling Scoop Single Use Production and Sampling Scoop Single Use Production and Sampling Scoop

Single Use Production and Sampling Scoop

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SteriWare flat bottomed powder scoops are  single use, free-standing scoops designed for use in GMP manufacturing areas. They are perfect for sampling and dispensing powders and granules.

These powder scoops are manufactured in a cleanroom to the highest standards. Everything from the ergonomic design to the class leading documentation means these are the ideal scoop for use in pharmaceutical and food factories.

The robust design and ergonomic handle ensures that they are easy and comfortable to use. All powder scoops are individually packed and are available in both sterile and non-sterile versions Simply choose your scoop size, unpack and use.

SteriWare Scoops can be used as volumetric scoops by levelling off the excess powder to give you the stated set volume.

They are available in a wide ranges of sizes from 25ml (0.9oz) to 1000ml (36oz). 



Use straight from the bag. The robust, ergonomic handles has been designed so that they can be used repeatedly. If measuring powder after scooping remove the excess powder to give an accurate volume.

  • QUALITY - Made from food grade PS. Conforms to the latest FDA and EU requirements. BSE/TSE free
  • FLEXIBILITY - Range of sizes from 25ml to 1000ml
  • FAST DELIVERY - Over 1 million items in stock. These powder scoops can be delivered almost anywhere in the world within 1 to 2 days.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide



  Specification Sheets   Certificate
8286A-25  SteriWare Scoop 25ml 8286A SteriWare Scoop - Certificate of Conformity
8286A-25S  SteriWare Scoop 25ml - sterile    
8286A-50  SteriWare Scoop 50ml    
8286A-50S  SteriWare Scoop 50ml - sterile    
8286A-100  SteriWare Scoop 100ml    
8286A-100S  SteriWare Scoop 100ml - sterile    
8286A-150  SteriWare Scoop 150ml    
8286A-150S  SteriWare Scoop 150ml - sterile    
8286A-250  SteriWare Scoop 250ml    
8286A-250S  SteriWare Scoop 250ml - sterile    
8286A-500  SteriWare Scoop 500ml    
8286A-500S  SteriWare Scoop 500ml - sterile    
8286A-1000  SteriWare Scoop 1000ml    
8286A-1000S  SteriWare Scoop 1000ml - sterile    
Part No. Volume ml Length mm Width mm Material Sterile Pack
8286A-25 25 137 38 PS No 100
8286A-25S 25 137 38 PS Yes 100
8286A-50 50 160 47 PS No 100
8286A-50S 50 160 47 PS Yes 100
8286A-100 100 200 59 PS No 100
8286A-100S 100 200 59 PS Yes 100
8286A-150 150 216 68 PS No 100
8286A-150S 150 216 68 PS Yes 100
8286A-250 250 237 80 PS No 100
8286A-250S 250 237 80 PS Yes 100
8286A-500 500 303 103 PS No 40
8286A-500S 500 303 103 PS Yes 40
8286A-1000 1000 360 127 PS No 30
8286A-1000S 1000 360 127 PS Yes 30
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