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Sack Master

Sack Master

Sack Sampler

The World's Best Range of High Quality Sack Samplers

Sampling from sacks is quick and efficient with our range of specially designed stainless steel sack samplers.

All the sampling equipment is available from stock. Special designs are available on request.

When you do not want to clean the samplers use our range of disposable sack samplers.

Three different methods of sample collection are available.

Type: Single point

Material: 316 stainless steel or HDPE

* Sampler supplied with one 250ml Sample Bottle (Part No. 8165A-250)

  Specification Sheets   Certificate
1320A-01____Sack Master 1320_Sack Samplers - Certificate of Conformity
1320B-01____Sack Master with End Cap

8165A_Sample Bottles (HDPE) - Certificate of Conformity

1320C-01____Sack Master with Bottle Adapter    
Part No. Description Stock Price Price+VAT Qty Compare Action
1320A-01 Sack Sampler with Plain End 189 £86.77 £104.13 Compare
1320B-01 Sack Sampler with End Cap 39 £139.32 £167.19 Compare
1320C-01 Sack Sampler with Bottle Adapter & 250ml bottle 43 £129.55 £155.46 Compare
8165A-250 Square Bottle 250ml 583 £3.34 £4.01 Compare
8165A-500 Square Bottle 500ml 278 £4.14 £4.97 Compare