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PTFE Dipper

PTFE Dipper

Excellent Chemical Resistance - GMP correct

Dippers are quick and easy to use. They are ideal for obtaining a surface sample from a wide range of liquids. PTFE is very durable and is resistant to chemical attack.

  • PTFE product contact parts
  • Screw-in extension rods to increase the length of the handle
  • Suitable for use up to 280°C (400°F)
The PTFE Dipper is ideal for surface sampling of liquids

Part No. Nominal Volume Cup Diameter Handle
5100A-10 10ml 25mm 155mm long - fixed in place
5100A-100 100ml 55mm 600mm long - removable
5100A-250 250ml 70mm 600mm long - removable
5100A-500 500ml 80mm 600mm long - removable
5100A-1000 1000ml 105mm 600mm long - removable
5100E-600 Handle Extension rod - 600mm long (not suitable for use with 5100A-10)