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PTFE Dipper

PTFE Dipper

The PTFE dipper is a popular liquid sampler. It is ideal for surface sampling a wide range of liquids.

The PTFE construction offers excellent chemical resistance to most chemicals. PTFE also offer excellent heat resistance up to 280°C (400°F)


Push the sampling tool into the liquid to take the sample. Extension rods can be screwed on to the handle to increase the sampling depth.
  • QUALITY- Made from a high quality chemically resistant PTFE (FDA and food grade compliant)

  • BIG CHOICE - Wide range of volumes with added flexibility of increasing the sampler length by using additional extension rods

  • FAST DELIVERY - Over 1 million stock items that can be delivered to most parts of the world with FedEx in 1 - 2 days

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide
  Specification Sheets   Certificate
5100A-10 PTFE Dipper 10ml 5100_PTFE_Dipper_Certificate_of_Conformity
5100A-100 PTFE Dipper 100ml    
5100A-250 PTFE Dipper 250ml    
5100A-500 PTFE Dipper 500ml    
5100A-1000 PTFE Dipper 1000ml    

5100E-600 PTFE Extension Rods 600mm


5100E-1000 PTFE Extension Rods 1000mm

Part No. Description Volume ml Handle Length mm Material Stock Price Price+VAT Qty Compare Action
5100A-100 PTFE Dipper 100ml with 600mm handle 100 600 PTFE 4 £130.86 £157.03 Compare
5100A-250 PTFE Dipper 250ml with 600mm handle 250 600 PTFE 11 £159.31 £191.17 Compare
5100A-500 PTFE Dipper 500ml with 600mm handle 500 600 PTFE 9 £183.45 £220.14 Compare
5100A-1000 PTFE Dipper 1000ml with 600mm handle 1000 600 PTFE 7 £208.91 £250.69 Compare
PTFE Extension Rod 600mm - 600 PTFE 8 £79.01 £94.82 Compare
PTFE Extension Rod 1000mm - 1000 PTFE 8 £90.00 £108.00 Compare