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Powder Funnel

Powder Funnel

Powder Funnels have a wide diameter outlet to help prevent the blockages during powder discharge.

  • Polypropylene (PP) construction
  • Made from FDA and EU acceptable PP
  • Crevice Fee


powder funnel

Part No. Top diameter Outlet Diameter
8023P-80 80mm 23mm
8023P-100 100mm 26mm
8023P-150 150mm 30mm
8023P-250 250mm 50mm
8023P-350 350mm 65mm

Download Specifications sheet

8023P-80_____Powder Funnel 80mm - specification sheet

8023P-100____Powder Funnel 100mm - specification sheet (coming soon)

8023P-150____Powder Funnel 150mm - specification sheet

8023P-250____Powder Funnel 250mm - specification sheet (coming soon)

8023P-350____Powder Funnel 350mm - specification sheet (coming soon)