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Pots with Lids

Pots with Lids

Pots with Lids are general purpose stainless steel containers that are ideal for use with powders and liquids.

  • 304 stainless steel
  • Crevice free
  • Simple drop on lid

The lid simply drops into place and so does not provide a hermetic seal. If an hermetic lid seal is required please see:
- Stainless Containers (Click her for details)
- Mini Pots (click here for details)


pots with lids

Part No Nominal Volume Diameter Height
A284-400 400ml 85mm 85mm
A284-650 650ml 100mm 100mm
A284-1250 1250ml 120mm 120mm
A284-2500 2500ml 150mm 150mm
A284-5000 5000ml 200mm 200mm