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NEW - Mini Tri ferrule Containers (1ml to 100ml)

  • NEW - Mini Tri ferrule Containers (1ml to 100ml)

Welcome to our latest innovation in storage solutions - our brand-new line of small stainless steel containers. These containers are designed to provide the perfect blend of style and functionality in a range of sizes from 1ml to 100ml.

Versatile and Practical: Whether you need to store products or manufacture a small batch our stainless steel containers have got you covered. The compact size is designed to fit seamlessly into your laboratory or production area.

Airtight Seal, Lasting Freshness: Our small stainless steel containers feature an airtight seal that locks in freshness and prevents moisture from sneaking in. As standard the container comes complete with a lid, clamp and silicone seal. EPDM, viton and PTFE seals are also available.

Eco-Friendly and Safe: In addition to their functional benefits, our stainless steel containers are an eco-friendly choice. They are reusable, reducing your need for single-use plastics.

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