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Mini-Pots (Stainless Steel Tubs) 7ml to 1000ml
Mini-Pots (Stainless Steel Tubs) 7ml to 1000ml Mini-Pots (Stainless Steel Tubs) 7ml to 1000ml Mini-Pots (Stainless Steel Tubs) 7ml to 1000ml

Mini-Pots (Stainless Steel Tubs) 7ml to 1000ml

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MiniPots are multi purpose small volume containers. They are made out of a block of 316L stainless steel and so have no welds, ensuring they are crevice free. All MiniPots have a smooth, easy clean interior and they polished to a high standard.

They have a screw on lid. These stainless steel tubs are ideal for laboratory and production work. Standard stock sizes are from 7ml up to 1 litre.

QUALITY - Made from high quality 316L stainless steel. Finished to a mirror polish. BSE/TSE free

FLEXIBILITY - A range of different sizes are available to suit any application

FAST DELIVERY - Over 1 million stock items. Delivered almost everywhere within 1 - 2 days

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide

  Specification Sheets   Certificate
A426-7 Mini-Pot 316ss - 7ml A426 Mini-Pots - Certificate of Conformity
A426-25 Mini-Pot 316ss - 25ml    
A426-50 Mini-Pot 316ss - 50ml    
A426-100 Mini-Pot 316ss - 100ml    
A426-250 Mini-Pot 316ss - 250ml    
A426-500 Mini-Pot 316ss - 500ml    
A426-750 Mini-Pot 316ss - 750ml    
A426-1000 Mini-Pot 316ss - 1000ml    
Part No. Description Volume ml Height mm Diameter mm Material
A426-7 Mini-Pot 7ml 7 45 16 316L ss
A426-25 Mini-Pot 25ml 25 40 38 316L ss
A426-50 Mini-Pot 50ml 50 50 50 316L ss
A426-100 Mini-Pot 100ml 100 71 50 316L ss
A426-250 Mini-Pot 250ml 250 75 75 316L ss
A426-500 Mini-Pot 500ml 500 80 100 316L ss
A426-750 Mini-Pot 750ml 750 117 100 316L ss
A426-1000 Mini-Pot 1000ml 1,000 155 100 316L ss
A426-25S Silicone O-Ring for Mini-Pot 25ml - - - Silicone
A426-50S Silicone O-Ring for Mini-Pot 50ml - - - Silicone
A426-100S Silicone O-Ring for Mini-Pot 100ml - - - Silicone
A426-250S Silicone O-Ring for Mini-Pot 250ml - - - Silicone
A426-500S Silicone O-Ring for Mini-Pot 500ml - - - Silicone
A426-750S Silicone O-Ring for Mini-Pot 750ml - - - Silicone
A426-1000S Silicone O-Ring for Mini-Pot 1000ml - - - Silicone
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