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Storage Containers 316L ss

Storage Containers 316L ss

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Mini-Drums & Storage Containers

High quality stainless steel drums in a range of sizes.

  • Multi purpose containers
  • Crevice free interior
  • Close fitting recessed lid with handle
  • Flat bottom with chime ring to give added protection
  • Complete with lid (toggle clamps & ‘O’ ring are extra)
    • MiniDrum (1 to 15 litres) - Swing handle
    • Storage Container (20 to 100 litres) - Two sturdy handles fitted on patch plates



1. Toggle Clamps - to secure the lid we recommend the use of toggle clamps

2. ‘O’ Ring Seals - these are available in the following FDA acceptable polymers:

  • Silicone 
  • Viton
  • Nitrile
  Specification Sheets   Certificate
A466-20 Storage Container 316L ss 20L A466 Storage Containers 316L ss - Certificate of Conformity
A466-25 Storage Container 316L ss 25L    
A466-30 Storage Container 316L ss 30L    
A466-50 Storage Container 316L ss 50L    
A466-75 Storage Container 316L ss 75L    
A466-100 Storage Container 316L ss 100L    
Part No. Description Diameter mm Height mm Material
A466-20 Storage Container 316Lss 20L 265 390 316L ss
A466-25 Storage Container 316Lss 25L 300 390 316L ss
A466-30 Storage Container 316Lss 30L 300 455 316L ss
A466-50 Storage Container 316Lss 50L 350 560 316L ss
A466-75 Storage Container 316Lss 75L 400 625 316L ss
A466-100 Storage Container 316Lss 100L 445 675 316L ss
TOGGLES1 Toggle Clamp. Make sure you order the correct qty per container - - 304 ss
SIL-20-FDA Silicone Seal for Storage Container 20L 265 - Silicone
SIL-25-FDA Silicone Seal for Storage Container 25L 300 - Silicone
SIL-30-FDA Silicone Seal for Storage Container 30L 300 - Silicone
SIL-50-FDA Silicone Seal for Storage Container 50L 350 - Silicone
SIL-75-FDA Silicone Seal for Storage Container 75L 400 - Silicone
SIL-100-FDA Silicone Seal for Storage Container 100L 445 - Silicone
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