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Long Handled PharmaScoop
Long Handled PharmaScoop Long Handled PharmaScoop Long Handled PharmaScoop

Long Handled PharmaScoop

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The Long Handled PharmaScoop is available in a range of sizes from 10ml to 1 litre. They are ideal for use with a wide range of containers and applications. The long handle allows the operator to safely reach deep into containers, bulk bags etc... It can also mean that the user does not have tp lean over the material being scooped which is better GMP. They are made from high quality 316L stainless steel.


The all stainless steel design means the scoops are easy to use and clean. The high mirror polish finish gives excellent cleaning characteristics. They have radiused corners and have a totally crevice free internal design which means they are ideal for GMP and hygienic applications.

  • QUALITY- Made from high quality 316L stainless steel. Excellent corrosion resistance. Available with a certificate of conformity that confirms grade of material, BSE/TSE free, finish etc...

  • BIG CHOICE - Special sizes available on request

  • FAST DELIVERY - Over 1 million stock items that can be delivered to most parts of the world with FedEx in 1 - 2 days

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide
  Specification Sheets   Certificate
A396-10 Long Handled PharmaScoop 10ml A396 Long Handled PharmaScoops Certificate of Conformity

A396-50 Long Handled PharmaScoop 50ml

A396-100 Long Handled PharmaScoop 100ml

A396-500 Long Handled PharmaScoop 500ml

A396-1000 Long Handled PharmaScoop 1000ml

Part No. Volume ml Diameter mm Material
A396-10 10 25 316L ss
A396-50 50 38 316L ss
A396-100 100 50 316L ss
A396-500 500 95 316L ss
A396-1000 1000 110 316L ss
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