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Stainless Ware

High quality stainless steel containers, storage drums, utensils, scoops and general purpose equipment generally available from stock in corrosion resistant 316L.
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Swing Tub

The Enviro Dipper is a simple and yet effective method of taking a liquid surface sample. Simply low..

Toggle Drums (2 to 300 litres)

Toggle Drums are made using high quality 316L stainless steel for the drum body and lid. These drums..


Our range of stainless steel tweezers are perfect for the laboratory, production or clean room envir..

316L Stainless Steel Funnel

Our 316 stainless steel liquid funnels are ideal when extra corrosion resistance is required. It has..

316L Stainless Steel Powder Funnel

Powder Funnels are designed for use when you are working with powders and granules. Every Powder Fun..

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GL45 Stainless Bottle (100ml to 1 litre)

Our stainless steel GL45 containers combine the benefits of 316 stainless steel with the widely used..

GMP Scoop in 316L Stainless Steel

Sampling Systems GMP scoops are suitable for the most demanding of applications. The fully radiused ..

Industrial Funnel. 304ss. Straight Spout.

Our new range of durable funnels are made from 304 stainless steel and available in wide range of co..

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Mini Stainless Container (1ml to 100ml)

These high quality containers are ideal when you require a small air tight container. They are avail..

Mini-Drums 316Lss with toggle clamps (1 to 15 litre)

This popular container range is available in a range of sizes from 1 to 15 litres. They are manufact..

Square PharmaScoops

The Square PharmaScoop are a popular scoop due to the flat base which means they are easy to fill on..

Stainless Steel Liquid Funnel

The Sampling Systems stainless steel funnels are ideal for use with a wide range of liquids. The fun..

Tablet Counting Triangle

Counting round tablets is easy with a Tablet Counting Triangle. Simply form the tablets into even ro..

Angled Forceps - 316L stainless steel

Our Angled Forceps (Tweezers) make it easy to pick up small items such as tablets, tissue samples, v..

Angled Stainless Forceps (Tweezers)

Our range of angled stainless steel tweezers make it easy to pick up intricate items such as samples..

Chemical Spoon and Spatula

Our chemical spoon and spatula come in range of sizes and volumes. The heavy duty design means they ..

Dosing and Volumetric Spoon (1.25 - 100ml)

Our stainless steel dosing and volumetric spoons are ideal for measuring powders and liquids. They a..


FoodScoops 100ml

Stainless steel FoodScoops are used in thousands of food companies around the world. These stainless..

Out Of Stock

Pro Whisk Stainless Steel

The stainless steel Pro Whisks are ideal for mixing liquids and creams. They come in a wide variety ..

Stainless Filling Scoop

The filling Scoop from Sampling Systems can be used to fill bags and bottles through the handle. The..

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