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Toggle Drums - 316L stainless steel

Toggle Drums - 316L stainless steel

Toggle Drums are made using high quality 316L stainless steel for the drum body and lid. These drums are ideal for the storage of powders and liquids. The crevice free interior means that they are ideal for the most demanding of applications.

  • Open top pharmaceutical grade drums with lids
  • 316L stainless steel body and lid
  • Lid secured by toggle clamps
  • O ring gasket is FDA and USP class VI compliant
  • Hygienic solid rim
  • Supplied with side handles
  • Fully welded


High quality stainless steel drums

Part No Nominal Volume Diameter Height Number of Toggles
A926-2 2 litres 140mm 160mm 2
A926-5 5 litres 196mm 200mm 4
A926-8 8 litres 196mm 300mm 4
A126-10 10 litres 230mm 270mm 4
A926-15 15 litres 230mm 380mm 4
A926-20 20 litres 300mm 300mm 4
A926-25 25 litres 300mm 380mm 4
A926-50 50 litres 394mm 431mm 4
A926-100 100 litres 470mm 610mm 6
A926-200 200 litres 570mm 800mm 6
A926-300 300 litres 710mm 800mm 6