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Immersion Cylinder Sampler

Immersion Cylinder Sampler

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Immersion Cylinders are designed to take liquid samples from open water as well tanks, drums, wells and large storage containers. Immersion Cylinders are available made from either 304 stainless steel or from brass and they are available in a range of sizes.

The Immersion Cylinder is designed to be easy to clean. Both  end of the sampler unscrew for easy cleaning.


Two Methods of Sampling

1. When the sampler reaches the bottom of the tank the sampler automatically opens.

2. When the sampler is mid-level, a second control line is used to open the sampler


  • QUALITY - Made from 304stainless steel or from brass

  • FAST DELIVERY - Over 1 million stock items. Delivered almost everywhere within 1 - 2 days

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide
  Specification Sheets   Certificate
5132S-300 Immersion Cylinder 300ml - 304ss 5132S Immersion Cylinder 304ss - Certificate of Conformity
5132S-500 Immersion Cylinder 500ml - 304ss    
5132S-1000 Immersion Cylinder 1000ml - 304ss    
5132B-300 Immersion Cylinder 300ml - Brass 5132B Immersion Cylinder Brass - Certificate of Conformity
5132B-500 Immersion Cylinder 500ml - Brass    
5132B-1000 Immersion Cylinder 1000ml - Brass    
Part No. Volume ml Diameter mm Height mm Material
5132S-300 300 70 129 304 ss
5132S-500 500 70 168 304 ss
5132S-1000 1000 70 303 304 ss
5132B-300 300 70 125 Brass
5132B-500 500 70 183 Brass
5132B-1000 1000 70 300 Brass
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