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"Sampled" Quality Control Labels

"Sampled" Quality Control Labels

Our pre printed "Sampled" labels have a write on paper front and a high strength ultra adhesive. The UA range have a foil backing to give a stronger barrier with the product. The pharma range have an FDA compliant glue. The labels have many uses

  • Seal holes in bags and sacks to stop leaks
  • Identify products quickly
  • Identify the status of products quickly

The high strength adhesive used on these labels means that will even stick on a wide range of surfaces including very dusty areas. The working temperature range is minus 20C to plus 70C (minus 5 to plus 160 F).

We keep large stocks of labels for fast delivery worldwide.

Try before you buy. Contact us for a free sample
We supply custom designed labels. Please contact us with your requirements.


  Specification Sheets   Certificate
8220A-31 "SAMPLED" Labels - UA 8220A Quality Control Labels - Certificate of Conformity
8220P-31 "SAMPLED" Labels - PHARMA    
8220P-031 "SAMPLED" Labels - PHARMA    
Part No. Description Height mm Width mm Pack Stock Price Price+VAT Qty Compare Action
8220A-31 Roll of "Sampled" UA labels 95 95 500 128 £39.93 £47.91 Compare
8220P-31 Roll of "Sampled" PharmaLabels (with FDA compliant glue) 95 95 500 99 £51.00 £61.20 Compare
8220P-031 Roll of "Sampled" PharmaLabels (with FDA compliant glue) 150 150 250 42 £61.07 £73.28 Compare