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Disposable Bailer

Disposable Bailer

Popular For Environmental Sampling

The sampler can either be manually pushed into the liquid being sampled or else it can be lowered on the end of a wire. The Disposable Bailer is ideal for sampling from storage silos or for well sampling.

For viscous materials use the bailer fitted with an end weight (Part No. 5040W-1000)



The plastic ball in the end of the sampler is pushed out of the way when the sampler is lowered into the product.

When the sampler is removed the plastic ball seals the sampler.

Note: This sampler is not suitable for high density liquids


Single Use Bailer for sampling liquids

Why Use a Disposable Sampler?
  • Cross-contamination risk is eliminated - the device can be used straight from the bag
  • No cleaning is required before or after sampling
  • No cleaning validation (this is very expensive to set up and run)
  • Peace of mind
  • Financial
  • Save time and money (it will cost more to clean a reusable sampler than to buy a disposable sampler)

Part No. Nominal Volume Weighted End Material Length Diameter Quantity per Box
5040A-1000 1000ml No HDPE 950mm 40mm 24
5040W-1000 1000ml Yes HDPE 950mm 40mm 24
5070D-10 Cable - PTFE coated stainless steel - 10m
5070D-25 Cable - PTFE coated stainless steel - 25m
5070D-50 Cable - PTFE coated stainless steel - 50m