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Cohesive Slot Sampler

Cohesive Slot Sampler

Composite sampling of Cohesive powders

The Cohesive Slot Sampler has been specially adapted from the popular Slot Sampler. Scrapers have been added to push the non flowing powder into the sample slots.

Scrapers are fully welded to give a hygienic, GMP correct sampler.

  • Multilevel (composite samples)
  • 316 Stainless steel construction
  • Suitable for sticky, cohesive powders
Cohesive Slot Sampler

Part No Sampler Length Number of Sampling Slots Maximum Sample Volume Material Diameter*
2210A-600 600 mm 3 110 ml 316ss 25 mm
2210A-1000 1000 mm 3 190 ml 316ss 25 mm
2210A-1500 1500 mm 5 300 ml 316ss 25 mm
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* Diameter does not include scraper. Scrapers are approximately 10 mm high.

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