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Cement Sampler

Cement Sampler

Sampling of powders from tankers made simple

The lightweight cement sampler is the ideal choice when you are looking to take a sample throughout a tanker fast.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use
  • Cross sectional sample
  • Patented design
  • 2m long


An average - from top to bottom

The Cement Sampler allows fast sampling from tankers etc.. It was designed for the cement industry but can be used on a wide range of free flowing powders .

The sample is a cross section through the tanker (from top to bottom). The sample size is approximately 8 litres from a bulk depth of 1.5 metres.

Easy handling: The open tube will penetrate the product to the desired depth. When retracting the patented valve is closed and the sample inside the tube can be withdrawn.


The cement sampler is suitable for free flowing powders with a bulk weight of approximately 1 kg/litre.



Part No Material of Construction Outer Diameter Weight Sampler Volume Sampler length
1120A-01 PP and Stainless Steel 90mm 1.5Kg 8 litres 2000mm

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