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Bottle Sampler

Bottle Sampler

Takes Samples Straight into the bottle

The Bottle Sampler takes samples straight into the bottle. The spring loaded mechanism means that liquid only flows in when the handle is squeezed allowing samples to be taken from set locations.



Low to medium viscosity liquids. Ideal for low volume (unit dose) sampling.

Type: Single Point liquid sampling
Material: Sampler body - 316 stainless steel,
Bottle - toughened glass
General: Ideal for taking quick samples direct into the bottle. The sampler is available with a cover that goes over the bottle to stop the bottle from getting wet.
Bottle Sampler in the open position
The cover protects the bottle during use

Part No. Overall Length Bottle Cover Nominal Bottle Volume
5031S-1000 1000 mm No 500 ml
5031C-1000 1000 mm Yes 500 ml
5031S-1500 1500 mm No 500 ml
5031C-1500 1500 mm Yes 500 ml
5031B-500 Spare Glass Bottle - 500 ml

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