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Metal Detectable Scoops
Metal Detectable Scoops

Metal Detectable Scoops

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Our Metal Detectable Scoops are made from a food grade polypropylene (PP). The scoops are perfect for both sampling and dispensing when working with powders and granules.
During manufacturing a special food grade filler is mixed with the polypropylene. This makes the finished scoop both metal detectable and visible by X-rays.
To ensure the cleanliness of the scoops they are manufactured and packed in a Cleanroom. The robust nature of these scoops means that they can give many years of service or for more demanding applications they can be used as a single use disposable product straight from the bag.
The scoops are made from polypropylene that has been mixed with a special food grade filler. It is the filler that makes the scoops metal detectable and X-Ray visible. The filler is uniformly distributed throughout the scoop so even small fragments of scoop can still be detected.
Simply unwrap and use. These scoops are ideal for use with powders, granules and pastes. Metal Detectable Scoops are available in a range of useful sizes from 30ml up to 2500ml.
Our Metal Detectable Scoops are designed to be as easy to clean as possible. The main body of the scoop has rounded corners.
  • QUALITY - Made from food grade PP. Conforms to the latest FDA and EU requirements
  • FLEXIBILITY - Range of sizes including 30ml, 60ml, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 2500ml
  • FAST DELIVERY - Over 1 million items in stock. Metal Detectable scoops can be delivered almost anywhere in the world within 1 to 2 days.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide

Please note: If you cannot see what you require please contact us

  Specification Sheets   Certificate
M1000B-30____Metal Detectable Scoop 30ml - blue M1000B MDT Scoop - Certificate of Conformity
M1000B-125___Metal Detectable Scoop 125ml - blue    
M1000B-125___Metal Detectable Scoop 250ml - blue    
M1000B-500___Metal Detectable Scoop 500ml - blue    
M1000B-1000__Metal Detectable Scoop 1000ml - blue    
M1000B-2500__Metal Detectable Scoop 2500ml - blue    
Part No. Description Pack Colour Individually Bagged
M1000B-30 Scoop 30ml - Metal Detectable PP 4 Blue Yes
M1000B-60 Scoop 60ml - Metal Detectable PP 4 Blue Yes
M1000B-125 Scoop 125ml - Metal Detectable PP 4 Blue Yes
M1000B-250 Scoop 250ml - Metal Detectable PP 4 Blue Yes
M1000B-500 Scoop 500ml - Metal Detectable PP 4 Blue Yes
M1000B-1000 Scoop 1000ml - Metal Detectable PP 4 Blue Yes
M1000B-2500 Scoop 2500ml - Metal Detectable PP 4 Blue Yes
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