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Beaker (316L Stainless)

Beaker (316L Stainless Steel)

Our range of stainless steel beakers are made from high quality, corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel. They are available in three convenient sizes and have a polished finish. These stainless steel beakers are ideal for use in laboratory or production environments.

These multi-purpose stainless steel beakers are ideal for the collection and storage of powders and liquids.

  • Polished finish
  • Available from stock
  • Delivered worldwide fast


High quality bottles made from HDPE


Part No Nominal Volume Diameter Height Material
A736-500 500ml 80mm 97mm 316L ss
A736-1000 1000ml 100mm 145mm 316L ss
A736-2000 2000ml 140mm 150mm 316L ss