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Liquid Samplers

Liquid Sampling unit dose volumes from 1 to 60ml.
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SteriWare LiquiThief
Sterile, Disposable Liquid Sampler The Disposable LiquiThief is essentially a big syringe. The operator pulls up the handle to pull the liquid into th..
Pasteur Pipette
Pasteur PipetteThe single use pipettes are ideal for taking small surface samples and for general laboratory use.  Easy to use Made from Low Density..
SteriWare Volumetric Spoons
SteriWare Volumetric Spoons enable small volumes to be accurately measured. Volumetric Spoons are suitable for use with powders, granules, liquids, ge..
UD Doser
Accurate Unit Dose Sampling of Liquids Ideal for accurately sampling specific volumes of liquids. Designed specifically for unit dose sampling of liqu..
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