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Titrating Burette
Titrating Burette Titrating Burette

Titrating Burette

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Automatic Titrating Burette

Precise Dosing

The Sampling Systems range of automatic burettes are ideal when dosing small amounts of liquids.

  • Highly accurate. Complies with Category B ISO 385
  • Fitted with the micro-doser for highly accurate work as well as a general discharge button
  • Shatter-proof
  • Material contact parts are manufactured from PE plastic, borosilicate and latex
  • Suitable for both left and right handed people
  • Highly visible graduations
  • Supplied with a sturdy stand
  Specification Sheets   Certificate
8703A-05 Automatic Burette 5ml 8703A Automatic Burette - Certificate of Conformity
8703A-10 Automatic Burette 10ml    
8703A-15 Automatic Burette 15ml    
8703A-25 Automatic Burette 25ml    
8703A-50 Automatic Burette 50ml    
Part No. Description Volume ml Height mm
8703A-05 Titrating Burette 5ml (+/- 0.03 ml) 5 480
8703A-10 Titrating Burette 10ml (+/- 0.03 ml) 10 570
8703A-15 Titrating Burette 15ml (+/- 0.045 ml) 15 490
8703A-25 Titrating Burette 25ml (+/- 0.045 ml) 25 610
8703A-50 Titrating Burette 30ml (+/- 0.075 ml) 30 870
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