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Telescopic Swabbing Tool

Taking swabs from high and difficult to reach places has always been a problem. The TeleSwab with its extendable handle overcomes these problems and allows operators to quickly and easily take swabs from previously inaccessible places.

Ideal for environmental swabbing and for use with large items of processing equipment.

The sampler comes complete with an extendable handle that can be extended to the correct length for easy swabbing. An adjustable adapter allows the swabs etc. to be angled to meet the contours of the item being sampled.

The TeleSwab is ideal for swabbing difficult to reach locations



The PTFE Template tool allows a fixed area to be swabbed.

Note: Make sure that you include the hole dimensions at the time of ordering.
The TeleSwab consists of  telescopic pole and an adjustable swab holder
Cloth Swab Holder
  The TeleSwab Pole can be extended up to 3m. Different attachments can be attached to the telescopic rods

What do I need?

Two kits are available, each kit contains:

Kit 1 - Part No. 8011K-01

    1x Telescopic Pole (8011A-3)
    1x Angle Adapter (8011A-5)
    1x Swab Holder (8011A-4B)

Kit 2 - Part No. 8011K-02

    1x Telescopic Pole (8011A-3)
    1x Template holder (8011A-6)
    1 x Swabbing Template (8011A-7) - hole cut to customer’s requirements

Part No. Description  
8011K-01 Kit 1- Extendable TeleSwab Pole with swab holder (Note: swabs are not included)
8011K-02 Kit 2 - Extendable TeleSwab Pole with swabbing template
8011A-4B Universal Swab Holder - 316 stainless steel construction
8011A-5 Adjustable angle adapter to hold Swab Holder - aluminium
8011A-6 Template holder - stainless steel
8011A-7 Swabbing Template - PTFE - hole cut to customer’s requirements
8011A-12 Wrist Band
8505A-01 Storage Case
Other types of swab holders and accessories are available. Please contact us for details.