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Telescopic Powder Sampler
Telescopic Powder Sampler

Telescopic Powder Sampler

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The Telescopic Powder Samplers consists of a telescopic pole and a quick-change Sample Chamber. The poles are made from stainless steel or aluminium and the Sample Chambers are made from stainless steel. The Sample Chambers are available in a range of different volumes from 1ml to 200ml.


Operation is simple. Push the sampler into the powder and then lift the sampler out. The self closing sleeve keeps the sampler closed until you start pulling it out.

  • QUALITY - Made from high quality 316L stainless steel or aluminium. Polished finish

  • FLEXIBILITY - Special lengths on request.

  • FAST DELIVERY - Over 1 million stock items. Delivered almost anywhere within 1 - 2 days.

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide
  Specification Sheets   Certificate
5065S-1500 Telescopic Rod 1500mm - 316ss 5065S Telescopic Rod Certificate of Conformity
5065S-3000 Telescopic Rod 3000mm - 316ss    
5065S-4500 Telescopic Rod 4500mm - 316ss    
5065A Telescopic Rod - all sizes - aluminium    
Part No. Description Volume ml Material
1035P-001 Sample Chamber 1ml 1 316L ss
1035P-002 Sample Chamber 2ml 2 316L ss
1035P-100 Sample Chamber 100ml 100 316L ss
1035P-150 Sample Chamber 150ml 150 316L ss
1035P-200 Sample Chamber 200ml 200 316L ss
5065A-1001 Rod (fixed Length) - 1000mm - Aluminium & Plastic
5065A-1201 Telescopic Rod 1200mm - Aluminium & Plastic
5065A-2501 Telescopic Rod 2500mm - Aluminium & Plastic
5065A-2801 Telescopic Rod 2800mm - Aluminium & Plastic
5065A-3001 Telescopic Rod 3000mm - Aluminium & Plastic
5065A-4501 Telescopic Rod 4500mm - Aluminium & Plastic
5065A-6001 Telescopic Rod 6000mm - Aluminium & Plastic
5065S-1500 Telescopic Rod 1500mm - 316L ss and PTFE
5065S-3000 Telescopic Rod 3000mm - 316L ss and PTFE
5065S-4500 Telescopic Rod 4500mm - 316L ss and PTFE
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