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Stainless Storage Drums - 316L stainless steel

Stainless Storage Drums - 316L stainless steel

High quality hygienic drums for storage and processing of powders and liquids. The robust design means they are ideal for the most demanding of applications. Finished to a bright polish finish with all the welds ground and polished.

  • Open top pharmaceutical grade drums with lids
  • 316L stainless steel body and lid. Supplied with lid, clamp and O ring
  • O ring is FDA and USP class VI compliant
  • Hygienic design
  • Supplied with side handles
  • Fully welded GMP correct construction


High quality bottles made from HDPE

Part No Volume Height mm Diameter
A126-05 5 litres 200mm 196mm
A126-10 10 litres 270mm 223mm
A126-15 15 litres 300mm 298mm
A126-20 20 litres 310mm 320mm
A126-25 25 litres 380mm 320mm
A126-30 30 litres 450mm 320mm
A126-50 50 litres 435mm 393mm
A126-75 75 litres 610mm 393mm
A126-100 100 litres 610mm 470mm
A126-150 150 litres 612mm 570mm
A126-200 200 litres 800mm 570mm