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Sieve Shakers

Sieve Shakers

High performance test sieve shaker offering excellent operator control for maximum efficiency.

  • Efficient, reproducible sieving action
  • Quick release clamping system
  • Power supply: 230v 50Hz or 110v 60Hz
  • Other voltages & frequencies on request
  • Digital timer. Vibration amplitude control
  • Continuous or intermittent operation
  • Low noise during operation. Anti-vibration mountings
  • Accommodates up to 8 full height sieves
  • CE marked
Various models available contact us for details

820 image here of sieves

Sieve-It Test Sieves

Robust Sieve Shakers for particle size analysis
High Quality test sieves for accurate and efficient particle size analysis.
  • Woven wire mesh sieves
  • Construction: All stainless steel or brass frame and stainless steel mesh
  • Range of aperture sizes available (4mm to 20 microns)
  • Certificate of Conformity with each sieve
  • Other styles of sieve available on request (Perforated Plate Sieves, Microplate Sieves, Grain sieves etc)
  • Test sieves manufactured to every major International standard (inc. ISO, BSI, & ASTM)
Sieve Height
The standard height for a 200mm diameter sieve is 50mm. Half height sieves are available - ask for details. Other diameter sieves have different heights - ask for details

200mm Diameter Test Sieves

All Stainless Steel
Brass Frame & Stainless Mesh
Part No. Aperture Part No. Aperture
8700S-01 4mm 8700B-01 4mm
8700S-02 2mm 8700B-02 2mm
8700S-03 1mm 8700B-03 1mm
8700S-04 850 microns 8700B-04 850 microns
8700S-05 710 microns 8700B-05 710 microns
8700S-06 600 microns 8700B-06 600 microns
8700S-07 500 microns 8700B-07 500 microns
8700S-08 425 microns 8700B-08 425 microns
8700S-09 300 microns 8700B-09 300 microns
8700S-10 250 microns 8700B-10 250 microns
8700S-11 180 microns 8700B-11 180 microns
8700S-12 150 microns 8700B-12 150 microns
8700S-13 125 microns 8700B-13 125 microns
8700S-14 106 microns 8700B-14 106 microns
8700S-15 90 microns 8700B-15 90 microns
8700S-16 75 microns 8700B-16 75 microns
8700S-17 53 microns 8700B-17 53 microns
8700S-18 32 microns 8700B-18 32 microns
8700S-19 25 microns 8700B-19 25 microns
8700S-20 20 microns 8700B-20 20 microns
Every sieve is supplied with a Certificate of Conformity.
Other sieve diameters available on request

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