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PTFE Beakers

PTFE Beakers

These high quality beakers are manufactured from virgin PTFE that conforms to both FDA and USP Class VI requirements.

  • Crevice free interior
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Moulded in pouring spout
  • PTFE drop on Covers sold separately
  • Suitable for use up to 280°C (400°F)


ptfe beakers

PTFE Beakers   Beaker Covers
Part No. for beaker Volume Beaker Height Beaker Diameter   Part No. for cover Cover Diameter
A135-1 1ml 18mm 13mm   A135-1C 20mm
A135-5 5ml 26mm 20mm   A135-5C 30mm
A135-10 10ml 33mm 24mm   A135-10C 30mm
A135-25 25ml 47mm 32mm   A135-25C 40mm
A135-50 50ml 60mm 43mm   A135-50C 65mm
A135-100 100ml 68mm 54mm   A135-100C 65mm
A135-250 250ml 97mm 66mm   A135-250C 75mm
A135-500 500ml 125mm 80mm   A135-500C 100mm
A135-600 600ml 125mm 90mm   A135-600C 100mm
A135-1000 1000ml 155mm 100mm   A135-1000C 125mm
A135-2000 2000ml 210mm 120mm   A135-2000C 150mm
A135-5000 5000ml 280mm 170mm   A135-5000C 200mm

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