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PP Barrel Pump

PP Barrel Pump

PP Barrel Pumps are ideal for quickly and easily transferring large volumes.

Two styles of delivery pipe are available:

- Type 1 with a rigid polypropylene delivery tube
- Type 2 with a flexible PVC discharge tube (complete with stopcock)

Barrel Pump made from polypropylene

Type 1 Type 2 Max. Submersible Length Overall Length Capacity
Part No. Part No.      
5900A-01 5900B-01 500mm 595mm 200ml/stroke
5900A-02 5900B-02 650mm 740mm 230ml/stroke
5900A-03 5900B-03 800mm 895mm 260ml/stroke
5900A-04 5900B-04 1000mm 1090mm 300ml/stroke
5900A-05 5900B-05 1250mm 1340mm 300ml/stroke
5900A-06 5900B-06 1500mm 1590mm 300ml/stroke
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