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pallet knife September 2010

Disposable Pallet Knife - made in a class 100,000 cleanroom
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multi thief June 2010

Multi Thief - multilevel, large volume sampler
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clamp containers June 2009

Clamp Containers- hygienic, wide mouth, stainless steel containers
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telescopic powder sampler August 2009

Telescopic Powder Sampler - Extra long reach, GMP correct powder sampler
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red pharma scoops March 2009

Red PharmaScoops - new colour available
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May 2009

Achema 2009 - Sampling Systems have a successful show
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disposable slot sampler February 2009

Disposable Slot Sampler - single-use, multilevel powder sampler
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large volume liquid sampler November 2008

Large Volume Liquid Sampler
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