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News February 2012

Wide Mouth HDPE Bottles are now USP Class VI compliant
Sampling Systems now offer a range of high quality bottles that are not only USP Class VI compliant but they are manufactured and packed in medical cleanroom.

These 'pharma grade' bottles are offered in a range of sizes.

  • Wide mouth bottle with screw on cap
  • Watertight
  • Supplied with cap screwed on
  • Translucent or Amber
  • Sturdy design
  • HDPE body
  • PP cap
  • Made from materials that are FDA and USP Class VI compliant
  • Certified BSE/TSE free
  • No minimum order quantity

Part No Nominal Volume Colour Height Diameter
8126H-30 30ml Translucent 63mm 37mm
8126H-30A 30ml Amber 63mm 37mm
8126H-60 60ml Translucent 85mm 39mm
8126H-60A 60ml Amber 85mm 39mm
8126H-125 125ml Translucent 99mm 51mm
8126H-125A 125ml Amber 99mm 51mm
8126H-250 250ml Translucent 133mm 62mm
8126H-250A 250ml Amber 133mm 62mm
8126H-500 500ml Translucent 170mm 73mm
8126H-500A 500ml Amber 170mm 73mm
8126H-1000 1000ml Translucent 199mm 92mm
8126H-1000A 1000ml Amber 199mm 92mm