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Swabbing tools, sample splitters, blenders, cases and cleaning coupons are all included in our huge range available for next day delivery
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Grab It
The grab-it swab holder is ideal for holding swabs and picking items up in difficult to reach places. This Swab Holder has a simple operation. Simply ..
Jumbo Sampler Case
The Jumbo Cases are ideal for the safe storage and transportation of long samplers. The robust design means they are ideal for carrying equipment aro..
Mini Sampler Case
These small cases are ideal for ensuring that your samplers or equipment remain protected when being stored or carried around the factory. All cases ..
Quick Clip
Quick Clip Quick Clips provide an instant removable seal for use with lay-flat tubing or bags. Ideal for use in ATEX rated areas where a heat sealer c..
Remote Swabbing Tool
The Remote Swabbing Tool is perfect for when you need to swab hard to reach locations such as walls, large containers and machines. The telescopic han..
Sack Clip
The plastic Sack Clip is a quick, simple and effective way of closing bags and sacks. Simply close the sack or bag between the jaws of the Sack Clip...
Sampler Rack
Our Sampler Rack is ideal for hanging up and storing samplers when they are not being used. This keeps the samplers in a handy simple location.  It ha..
Stainless Steel Test Sieves
Sieve-It Test Sieves Robust Sieve Shakers for particle size analysis High Quality test sieves for accurate and efficient particle size analysis.  Wov..
Standard Sampler Case
These cases are ideal for the safe storage and transportation of samplers. They are also ideal for ensuring that your clean samplers remain clean whil..
Superior Sampler Case
These cases are ideal for the safe storage and transportation of samplers. They are also ideal for ensuring that your clean samplers remain clean whil..
Bailer Made in 316L Stainless Steel
Out stainless steel Bailers are ideal when working with liquids and suspensions. They are manufactured from high quality 316L stainless steel and ha..
Bailer PP
Polypropylene Bailer ..
Mixing Paddle
The Paddle is ideal for stirring liquids in a tank or vat. The paddle is made from robust, chemically resistant food grade polypropylene (PP). The si..
Re-Usable Cleaning Coupons
Test and validate your cleaning regime with our range of cleaning validation coupons. All the popular sizes, materials and finishes available. Supplie..
The Shovel is manufactured from high quality food grade polypropylene (PP) and is available in three colours - red, white and blue. The single piece ..
SteriWare Cleaning Coupon
The SteriWare Cleaning coupons are the perfect way to test and validate your cleaning regime. The cleanroom production improves the purity of the fina..
The Stirrer is ideal for stirring thick, high viscosity liquids in a tank or vat.  Stirrers are made from polypropylene (PP) which ensures that they ..
Stirring Paddles
The stainless steel paddle is ideal for stirring thick, high viscosity materials and liquids in a tank or vat. The paddles are made from 316L stainle..
Stirring Paddles with holes
Sampling Systems stainless steel Paddles are ideal for use in the manufacture of liquids and suspensions. The extra long handles are available in t..
SteriWare Swabbing Templates
Swabbing Templates ensure that a consistent area is swabbed during Cleaning Validation.SteriWare Swabbing Templates are made and packed within a ..
Swabbing Tool and Templates
Swabbing Templates and Rods make it quick and easy to take cleaning validation samples.   Swabbing Templates Swabbing Templates ensure that a consiste..
Aluminium Sampling Case
Our range of aluminium cases are ideal for storing sampling tools and other pieces of equipment.   They are available in a range of convenient sizes t..
Angled Forceps - 316L stainless steel
Our Angled Forceps (Tweezers) make it easy to pick up small items such as tablets, tissue samples, vials etc.. They are manufactured from top grade 31..
Angled Stainless Forceps (Tweezers)
Our range of angled stainless steel tweezers make it easy to pick up intricate items such as samples, tissue, vials etc... They are manufactured from ..
Dosing and Volumetric Spoon (1.25 - 100ml)
Our stainless steel dosing and volumetric spoons are ideal for measuring powders and liquids. They are perfect for every day use in sanitary condition..
Pro Whisk Stainless Steel
The stainless steel Pro Whisks are ideal for mixing liquids and creams. They come in a wide variety of sizes from  280mm to 550mm long. The whisks hav..
Sample Splitter
The Steel Sample riffle boxes (splitters) removes the difficulty from the important task of dividing or reducing a bulk sample into two equal quantiti..
Sampler Stand
Sampler stands are ideal for keeping the sampler clean by keeping it off the work bench. It often makes many samplers much easier to use for example w..
Stainless Sample Splitter
Our stainless steel Sample Splitters (riffle boxes) are ideal when dividing and reducing the bulk sample. The splitters are ideal for food, environmen..
Stainless Steel Tong
Effortlessly pickup and manoeuvre items with our hygienic tongs. The all stainless steel construction means they are easy to clean after use. EASY TO ..
Straight Forceps - 316L stainless steel
Our straight tweezers (forceps) make it easy to pick up intricate items such as samples, tissue, vials etc... They are manufactured from top grade 316..
Wrist lanyard
The hand lanyard from Sampling Systems is the ideal strap to use around the wrist. It can be used on items like the remote swabbing tool, scoops etc....
In Stream Grab Sampler
Our long-handled grab sampler is designed to reach and take a sample from a distance or when it is dropping down. It can be used with liquids, creams,..
Stainless Test Tube Rack
Our test tube racks are made from corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel. They are ideal for use in laboratories and production. The racks are finish..
Water Level Meter
Our water level meters quickly show the depth of water in containers, bore holes, shafts, dams etc... It comes complete with a sturdy reel, stainless ..
Stainless Steel Beaker Tongs
Our stainless steel tongs are ideal for picking up beakers, bottles etc… As standard they are made from 304 stainless steel and have the option of a r..
Stainless Steel Flask Tongs
The Sampling Systems flask tongs are ideal for picking up glass and plastic flasks etc… The special grip fits around the neck of the flask meaning it ..
Sterile Liquid and Powder Bottle
A range of high quality, Wide Mouth Sterile Bottles. The bottles have a body made from HDPE and a screw on cap made from PP. All polymers used for the..
The TeleSwab is ideal for taking swabs from difficult to reach places such as large machines, ceilings etc... The handle is telescopic and can be quic..
Cleaning Brush
Our long handled cleaning brushes are essential to ensure that your sampler is properly cleaned.Sampling Systems supply a range of brushes that are ..
Sampler Tips
Many of the stainless steel samplers in our range are provided with a standard conical tip. On most samplers this tip can be un-screwed for cleaning...
Sealing Sleeve Set
Sealing Sleeves are ideal when emptying Pocket Samplers, they enable one pocket to be emptied a time.   The Sleeves can be fitted quickly to a Pocket..
SteriWare Knife
The single use knife from SteriWare is an ideal tool for cutting and manipulating material. It is ideal for general laboratory and product use. Sample..
SteriWare Mixing Bowl - 500ml and 3 Litre
The mixing bowl is ideal for laboratory and production work. It is manufactured from food grade, European and FDA compliant HDPE. They are all supplie..
SteriWare Tray
Our sterile and non sterile trays are used for multiple tasks such as storing and mixing solutions or even putting clean items in during a production ..
Our handheld digital thermometer is suitable for Liquids and Solids. The clear screen makes it easy to see the temperature.The Sampling Systems therm..
Titrating Burette
Automatic Titrating BurettePrecise Dosing The Sampling Systems range of automatic burettes are ideal when dosing small amounts of liquids. Highly ac..
Sampling Systems supplies a range of high quality, plastic tubing. The tubes are made from either polyethylene (LDPE) or from PTFE and they are availa..