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Ice & Meat Samplers

Quality control equipment for ice and wax sampling. Available both powered and non powered
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Ice Borer
Ice Borer The ice borer is a robust and efficient sampler that is ideal for sampling ice and waxy products, The sharp cutting teeth mean that the devi..
Ice Cream Sampler
Ice Cream Sampler The Ice Cream Sampler is ideal for sampling products like ice cream and soft waxes. The Ice Cream Sampler has an all stainless s..
Ice Sampler
The Ice Sampler is ideal for sampling hard materials such as frozen products and wax. The Ice Sampler is equipped with a sharp cutting edge to help it..
Powered Ice Sampler
Powered Ice SamplerThe ice Sampler With Power  Manufactured from chemically resistant 316 stainless steel. Fits all standard electric drills (dri..
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