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soil sampler pro
The Soil Sampler Pro is ideal for a wide range of soil sampling environments. It is built from high quality 316 stainless steel and comes with a wide robust handle which makes sampling easier.
sub sampler pro
The Sub Sampler Pro (some times called a ‘Bomb Sampler’) is used throughout the world for both chemical and environmental sampling.
disposable bailer
The sampler can either be manually pushed into the liquid being sampled or else it can be lowered on the end of a wire. Ideal for sampling from storage silos or well sampling.
thumb tube pipettes
Low Cost Disposable Liquid Samplers
glass thumb tube pipettes
The Sampling Systems sample kit is ideal if you want a pre-packed sample kit.
glass thumb tube pipettes
Highly representative sampling is fast and simple with our aluminium Sample Spear.

The sampler is particularly suited for larger powders, granule and grain sampling. This can be from IBC, kegs, silos, railway trucks, ships and almost all applications
The TeleScoop is suitable for taking samples from liquids and suspensions. A range of light weight, aluminum telescopic handles is available which makes this the ideal sampler to use when sampling from places such as: overhead gantries, river banks, water outlets etc.

sub sampler
An ideal liquid sampler for most common liquids including water, oils, sludge etc.
disposable liquid thief
Sampling Systems revolutionised liquid sampling with the introduction of the LiquiThief and the ViscoThief. Two models are available which make sampling liquids, creams and pastes very easy.
Easy to use liquid sampler - ideal for industrial applications
The Enviro Dipper is a simple and yet effective method of taking a surface sample. Simply lower the bucket into the liquid.