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Environmental Samplers

Telescopic rods, sampling kits and multi purpose environmental samplers.
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TeleScoop - Water Sampler
The TeleScoop is the extendable sampler for liquid and water sampling. The TeleScoop consists of a telescopic pole with a detachable sample collecting..
Grain Spear
Highly representative sampling is fast and simple with our aluminium grain Spear sampler. This spiral sampler is easy to use and gives great results...
Soil Sampler Pro
The Soil Sampler Pro is ideal for a wide range of soil sampling environments. It takes a fast cross sectional soil sample. It is built from high qual..
Dipping Bottle
Dipping Bottles are designed to take samples from open water as well as tanks, drums, wells and large storage containers. They are made from either 30..
Immersion Cylinder Sampler
Immersion Cylinders are designed to take liquid samples from open water as well tanks, drums, wells and large storage containers. Immersion Cylinders..
Liquid Sampler - Sub Sampler Pro
Liquid sampler for wide range of chemicals and environmental use. It can sample from depth various liquids. This includes large tanks, vessels, well..
Long Temperature Probe
Our long Temperature Probe enables you to accurately measure the temperature of your product at depths of up to 2m. The device has an aluminium probe ..
Auger Soil sampler
Sampling Systems` soil sampling tools are complimented by our popular manual auger soil samplers. Its cutting blade means it is easy to take samples o..
Disposable Bailer
The disposable bailer is ideal for general and environmental sampling. They are commonly used in various situations including sampling from tanks, w..
Hand Reels & Lowering Cables
Our popular range of hand reels and cables are essential accessories when sampling with Sub Samplers (Bomb Sampler) and bailers. These are available f..
Sample Kit - 10 off Sterile Scoops and Bags
Sample KitThe Sampling Systems sample kit makes remote sampling fast and simple. Each handy kit comprises of 10 sterile scoops and 10 sterile bags. Th..
Sub Sampler
The sub sampler (often called a dipping bottle) is an ideal liquid sampler for most common liquids including water, oils, sludge etc. The sub sampler ..
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