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Cream Samplers

ViscoThief, corers and general samplers for creams, pastes, gels and waxy materials. Can also be used for materials like butter, cream, honey etc..
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SteriWare ViscoThief - Ideal for Single Use Cream Sampling
Avoid time consuming cleaning with our disposable ViscoThief samplers. It takes fast samples of viscous materials like honey, creams, pastes and thick..
The Corer Qualirod Sampler is the ideal tool for taking samples of semi solid materials such as waxes, cheeses, greases. The sampler has a robust 316L..
The MaxiCorer is the suitable for taking samples of smei solid materials such as cheese, wax, butter eetc., it is also perfect for sampling cohesive (..
MiniCorer - Ideal for Sampling Cheese, Wax, Butter etc..
The Mini Corer is the ideal choice for taking samples of cheese, wax, butter etc… It comes in 3 handy lengths. It is manufactured from chemically resi..
Viscous Sampler
Viscous Sampler Reusable Sampler for creams, pastes & gels The Viscous Sampler is ideal for sampling creams, shampoos, soaps, honey and other semi vis..
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