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NEW - Double Bagged USP Class VI  Ladles

NEW - Double Bagged USP Class VI Ladles

Our new range of double bagged ladles are perfect for the most demanding of applications including cleanroom and GMP production. The HDPE plastc is also USP class VI. The ladles are perfect for liq Read More
NEW - SteriWare Cleaning Coupons

NEW - SteriWare Cleaning Coupons

Our new SteriWare Cleaning validation coupons are the perfect way to test and validate your cleaning regime. Each coupon is produced and packed in a cleanroom to ensure cleanliness. They are bulk pack Read More
NEW - Stainless Jacketed Containers

NEW - Stainless Jacketed Containers

Our new stainless steel jacketed containers are ideal for warming and cooling products. There is an inlet and outlet where warm or cold water can be passed through to regulate the temperature of the p Read More
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