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Stainless Ware

High quality stainless steel containers, storage drums, utensils, scoops and general purpose equipment generally available from stock in corrosion resistant 316L.
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Pots with Lids

Our Pots with Lids are ideal small scale containers with a simple drop on lid. They have a hygienic,..

Sieving Tool

The Sieving Tool is designed to help break up lumps and push powders through mesh screens. The Sievi..

Spares for stainless steel tap

A range of hygienic butterfly valve spares and accessories.  They are ideal for use with our range o..

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Stainless Steel Tap

The Sampling Systems hygienic butterfly valve are manufactured from 316L stainless steel. As standar..

Stainless Steel Beaker Tongs

Our stainless steel tongs are ideal for picking up beakers, bottles etc… As standard they are made f..

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Stainless Steel Drum with Emptying from Base (5 to 200 Litre)

Our range of stainless vessels with valves are ideal for dispensing liquids. The mirror finish makes..

Stainless Steel Flask Tongs

The Sampling Systems flask tongs are ideal for picking up glass and plastic flasks etc… The special ..

Stainless Steel Trolley

The Sampling Systems trolleys are ideal for moving equipment and containers. They are made from robu..

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Storage Containers 304ss with toggles (20 to 100 litres)

Our popular containers manufactured from 304 stainless steel are available in a wide range of sizes ..

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Storage Containers 316Lss with toggles (20 to 100 litres)

Our chemically resistant containers are manufactured from 316L stainless steel in a wide range of si..

Volumetric Spoons 304ss

Our Stainless steel volumetric spoons are ideal for accurately measuring volumes. The spoons are sol..

Economy Scoops

The economy scoop range is ideal for general purpose use in chemical and food production. The rounde..

Funnel with Strainer

The Sampling Systems strainer funnel is ideal when working with products that have large particles t..

Ice Scoop

The Ice Scoop is designed for scooping ice cubes and pieces of broken ice. The body of the scoop has..

Industrial Scoops

Stainless steel industrial scoops are cost effective scoops for general purpose use. They have a rob..


The Stainless Steel Micro Spatulas are ideal for transferring and measuring small amounts of powder,..

PTFE Scoops

PTFE Scoops are ideal when you want the ultimate in chemical resistance. The ergonomic shape means t..

Scorpion PharmaScoop

Sampling Systems are the worlds leading supplier of high quality scoops. The Scorpion PharmaScoops a..

Scorpion Scoop Eco

The Scorpion Scoop Eco is a stainless steel powder scoop that is ideal for general industrial use. T..

Silicone Seal (1 to 15L)

Our O-ring Seals are sized to suit our range of Mini-Drums. These seals when used with Toggle Clamps..

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