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Lab & Production Ware

Vessels, containers, scoops, tweezers, cleaning coupons and a huge selection of associated items for use the in the laboratory, warehouse and production
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Stainless Steel Tap

The Sampling Systems hygienic butterfly valve are manufactured from 316L stainless steel. As standar..

Stainless Steel Beaker Tongs

Our stainless steel tongs are ideal for picking up beakers, bottles etc… As standard they are made f..

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Stainless Steel Drum with Emptying from Base (5 to 200 Litre)

Our range of stainless vessels with valves are ideal for dispensing liquids. The mirror finish makes..

Stainless Steel Flask Tongs

The Sampling Systems flask tongs are ideal for picking up glass and plastic flasks etc… The special ..

Stainless Steel Trolley

The Sampling Systems trolleys are ideal for moving equipment and containers. They are made from robu..

Sterile Liquid and Powder Bottle

A range of high quality, Wide Mouth Sterile Bottles. The bottles have a body made from HDPE and a sc..

SteriWare FoodScoop PP - BLUE

These high quality food scoops are available sterile and non sterile. In order to be easily spotted ..

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Storage Containers 304ss with toggles (20 to 100 litres)

Our popular containers manufactured from 304 stainless steel are available in a wide range of sizes ..

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Storage Containers 316Lss with toggles (20 to 100 litres)

Our chemically resistant containers are manufactured from 316L stainless steel in a wide range of si..

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The TeleSwab is ideal for taking swabs from difficult to reach places such as large machines, ceilin..

Volumetric Spoons 304ss

Our Stainless steel volumetric spoons are ideal for accurately measuring volumes. The spoons are sol..

1000ml Square Bottle HDPE

Our 1 litre HDPE sample containers are ideal for a range of powders and liquids.   The handy square ..

Blue SteriWare Funnel. PP

Our range of single use, disposable liquid funnels are ideal for use in laboratories and manufacturi..

Blue SteriWare Scraper - PP

Disposable Blue ScraperThe Sampling Systems range of blue disposable Scrapers are available sterile ..

Cleaning Brush

Our long handled cleaning brushes are essential to ensure that your sampler is properly cleaned.Samp..


The Corer Qualirod Sampler is the ideal tool for taking samples of semi solid materials such as waxe..

Economy Scoops

The economy scoop range is ideal for general purpose use in chemical and food production. The rounde..

Funnel with Strainer

The Sampling Systems strainer funnel is ideal when working with products that have large particles t..

Ice Scoop

The Ice Scoop is designed for scooping ice cubes and pieces of broken ice. The body of the scoop has..

Industrial Scoops

Stainless steel industrial scoops are cost effective scoops for general purpose use. They have a rob..

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